Put Your federal sales in a box

Government contracting can be difficult to understand. Knowing where to begin can be challenging. Oxley Consulting provides a starting point that maps out opportunities, resources and guidelines that your company will need in order to successfully sell to the Federal Government.

Already have a Government Sales Team? Looking for a place to begin?

Oxley can provide you with Market Research and a Marketing Plan that will guide your company in the right direction.

If your company is seeking data necessary to determine if government sales is a path you genuinely want to pursue, the SMP provides:

  •  A comprehensive size-of-market study of government purchases over the past decade, including total spend. Does the government buy what you make, and if so, how much?
  •  Year-term forecast opportunities from each agency specific to your product or service
  •  An easy to follow, two page summary of how to do business with the federal government – from registering with CCR to creating successful teaming strategies with prime contractors
  •  Political mapping analysis to determine if your elected officials are on the right committees to help open federal government agency doors