It's a new day in government contracting

As many of you have noted and cheered, Oxley Consulting is back and fully up and running as a stand-alone entity once again. A brief hiatus emphatically underlined to us 1) we prefer to work with honest people; 2) inclusivity and teamwork will always trump exclusivity and family-only; and 3) Washington, DC will always be a small town, so reputations mean everything. 

We are halfway into the federal fiscal year and Congress will vote on a $1.3T omnibus spending package this week. Friends, especially at DoD and VA, have remarked that they have no earthly understanding how they can spend all that money in six months. Some traditional spending rules (the Pentagon's 80/20 split, for instance) will be bent in order to accommodate the influx of funds. Hopefully, key objectives like military readiness, physical security upgrades, cyber security preparedness, and staff training will be paramount on the list. If your firm doesn't have contracting vehicles in place, contact us to discuss how you can quickly set yourselves up for success in this flush contracting environment. 

Finally, we are very pleased to share our focus on SBA's All Small Mentor Protege Program (MPP). The MPP is not only a great way for small and large businesses to effectively partner to achieve more contracts, but it is the single best M&A system in the world. Truly! What other system allows a large company invest up to 40% equity in a small company; allow for Joint Ventures that take the form of the small and the past performance of the large - thus increasing the potential for awards; and the opportunity for the large to purchase an additional 11% or more once the small is flush with new contract revenue. Obviously, greater details lie within, so contact us for more strategic information. We're working on three MPPs right now.

Thank you for your continued support and teamwork. Let's get some wins together!

Kind regards, Elvis